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Nissan will be at the Tokyo Auto Salon where they will be showing off their Nissan Juke concept. This time, the concept will be all about turning the Juke into a snowmobile. If you feel that this is a little familiar, you are not wrong because this would be the second Nissan Juke snowmobile that Nissan has come out with.

The new Nissan Juke snowmobile will come with huge fender flares, huge roof rack, green accents, LED light bar and of course, the most interesting track wheels. The new concept is called the Juke Personalization Adventure Concept.

No word on what the concept will be getting under the hood but based on the previous concept, the concept would likely come with a standard engine and transmission.

Besides showing off their snowmobile concept, we will also be seeing a custom X-Trail model at the Tokyo Auto Salon. The vehicle will come wiht a Golf and Black exterior color but the rest of the exterior design is pretty standard.

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